A chapter is the basic unit of UAEM’s organization. It is a group of self-organized students and in some cases, young professionals, primarily based at an academic institution, often with faculty support. Chapters range in size, from more intimate groups of 2 or 3, to larger gatherings of around 30 or more students.

Europe, some chapters have organized into national branches, such as the UK and Germany, while there are also activities based on language with Francophone and Germanophone meetings. All of these collaborate on a European level via the European Coordinating Committee.

UAEM Europe has over 35 chapters with over 180 active members. Find your chapter! You don't have one at your university? Start one! 







Anna Peiris

Executive Director






The ECC is the body delegated by the members of UAEM Europe to explore and prioritize campaigning opportunities for UAEM. It dedicates itself to the coordination of campaigns, including recruiting, coordinating and assisting members in implementing UAEM’s campaigns. The ECC has a mandate to join in coordinating campaigns at the international level and to give guidance and input for chapter-level or national-level campaigns.

Nathalie Schirra

Adriane Will

Maurice Remy

Mariam Mubarak-Gabrian

Jasmin Ronach

Andreas Wimmer



The EmCom is the body delegated by the members of UAEM Europe to provide chapters with campaigning and knowledge resources, empower them with the necessary skills and help them to develop into a sustainable group of motivated and educated UAEMers with a strong ownership of UAEM.

The EmCom has a mandate to give guidance to chapters throughout Europe, to individual members and to those who aspire to join the UAEM movement. An example of an activity included in EmCom’s mandate is providing support and advice during the founding of a new UAEM chapter. The EmCom mandate includes a responsibility to contribute to the development of each person involved in UAEM work and to help UAEM Europe to grow together and achieve their aspirations as an interacting organization.

Emma Boxley

Madeleine Bodendorf



UAEM Global is composed of the Global Governance Council (GGC), which is a board of directors that represents and supports UAEM regional entities. The GGC is composed of the Executive Committee (ComEx) and General Members of the GGC. The ComEx manages UAEM Global and is selected from the General Members of the GGC. Each regional UAEM entity selects the General Members of the GGC. Each member serves a 2 year term. 

Sabrina Wimmer

Anja Wiemers



The Board is responsible for ensuring UAEM Europe’s strategic direction and overall performance as described in our organisational bylaws. UAEM Europe’s Board consists of a maximum of 8 Board members, usually elected for a term of two years, at UAEM Europe’s General Assembly by members of UAEM Europe.

Rebecca Ingenhoff

Rosie James

Lena Schneider

Solveig Kemna

Malte Radde


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Nathalie Nidens

Flora Noelle Wiegand







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