World AIDS Day video narrated by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Winnie Byanyima, UNAIDS Executive Directormakes urgent callto end HIVand COVID-19 pandemics


On World AIDS Day, and as a potentially dangerous new COVID-19 variant has captured global attention, a new People’s Vaccine film narrated by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and UNAIDS Executive Director and People’s Vaccine Alliance Co-ChairWinnie Byanyimais highlighting the striking parallels between the struggles for access to HIV medicines and the glaring inequalities in access to COVID-19 vaccines. The film highlights the global failure to learn the lessons from the first antiretroviral treatments—when millions died before monopolies were broken and affordable generic versions of AIDS drugs were produced. If the monopoly of a few companies over COVID-19 vaccines were eliminated, they could be made in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to help end global vaccine inequity.