Old Videos

A look back at university students from UAEM Chapters across the globe convening together at the 69th World Health Assembly to advocate for increased discussions on a binding R&D Agreement for access to medicines (part of UAEM’s first ever Global Campaign).


UAEM North America’s Executive Director Merith Basey talks to RJ Eskow about UAEM’s Xtandi campaign at UCLA


TAC UAEM Demo on R&D negotiations at WHA 69, on May 25,2016.


Prescription Politics with Amy Kapczynski, April 2015


Why Pharmaceutical Companies Are Ignoring Tropical Diseases Like Ebola, Nov 2014


Patenting a new drug helps finance its immense cost to develop -- but that same patent can put advanced treatments out of reach for sick people in developing nations, at deadly cost. Ellen 't Hoen talks about an elegant, working solution to the problem: the Medicines Patent Pool. 2012


Dr. Rachel Kiddell-Monroe: The Access to Medicines Crisis: A Role for our Universities, Nov 2010


Paul Farmer, Member of the UAEM Advisory Board, defines access to medicines as part of the right to the highest attainable standard of health. 2019