UAEM Op-ED "Invoking Bayh-Dole..." in STAT

Our own Varoon Mathur, coordinating committee fellow, published thought provoking Op Ed “ Invoking Bayh-Dole may be needed to get affordable Covid-19 treatments” in STAT. 

... The Defense Research Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA), a part of the Department of Defense, has poured tens of millions of dollars into Moderna and other biotechnology companies since 2011. The National Institutes of Health alone has spent almost $700 million to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Remdesivir, Gilead Sciences’ promising drug candidate for Covid-19, was developed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It received nearly $38 million from the NIH-nd had received orphan drug status from the FDA before asking to have that status waived due to sharp public criticism.

Despite all this activity, we have no guarantee that a potential vaccine or treatment will be affordable for the American people who helped fund them." Read full article here...