We're excited you're interested in starting a chapter or update your chapter information. We look forward to working with you, supporting your efforts and hearing your new ideas. 

UAEM's vision is that universities and publicly funded research institutions will be part of the solution to the access to medicines crisis by promoting medical innovation in the public interest, and ensuring that all people regardless of income have access to essential medicines and other health-related technologies.

We approach this issue from three angles:

(1) promote access to medicines and medical innovations where barriers exist primarily by changing norms and practices around academic patenting and licensing, supported by our own independent research,

(2) ensure that university medical research meets the needs of people worldwide and actively supports the creation of new needs-based approaches to R&D and

(3) empower students to respond to the biomedical access and innovation crisis by advocating for the most promising global biomedical R&D system that works for all.

Some of the ways your chapter can take up this work include:

  • Education: give talks or workshops to each other, to a class, or to a group of professors or scientists on the important issues relevant to UAEM's work.

  • Advocacy: speak with your university administrators, politicians and pharmaceutical companies to update their current practices.

  • Collaboration: We hold a Global Access to Medicines Month each year where all UAEM chapters collectively choose a focus and each chapter organizes events relevant to their campus during the same week.

Of course, it is up to you to determine which strategies are most relevant to your context and suitable for your situation. We would love to hear what you think are relevant activities for your chapter, or help you brainstorm ideas.

Requirements: To become a chapter, we only ask that you adopt UAEM's Vision, Mission and Values, and keep these in mind when you act as a public representative of UAEM. To officially become a UAEM chapter, and become a part of the UAEM network, please register below. 

Funding: Chapters are responsible to develop their own local funding for activities they may want to organize or participate in. There are some limited possibilities for small grants for specific relevant projects. Any funding or actions that a chapter takes must be in accordance with UAEM's vision, mission and values. Please feel free to contact us for advice in advance of accepting funding or embarking on an activity.

Your chapter outreach coordinator will be able to support you as you get a chapter going. Some good first steps include finding a faculty mentor/sponsor who is sympathetic to UAEM's cause, and holding a general interest meeting to educate and gather membership. 

Please feel free to contact us with questions. We look forward to working with you! 

 Please fill out the information below for your chapter (whether you are new to the cause or a veteran of the effort) in order to become a part of the UAEM network.


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