UAEM does not charge a registration fee for our conference in order to ensure maximum participation. Still, we understand that traveling to and from the conference can be costly. If you are unable to fully afford your own transportation and aren't able to secure travel funding through your school or other sources, please complete the form below to request travel funding assistance from UAEM.

Deadline for application is Saturday, August 31st.  


UAEM travel scholarships will cover 75% of your transportation expenses for the most affordable and reasonable mode of travel to Los Angeles, CA, USA. UAEM provides travel funding in the form of reimbursement after your expenses are incurred and you have provided us with receipts and documentation. In most cases, reimbursements will not be processed until after the conference.

 Most universities have conference grants or scholarships available for their students that will cover costs for travel, please look into whether your school offers any financial assistance before applying through UAEM for funding. Here is an example of a conference travel grant available for Georgetown University graduate students similar to what can be found at most universities.

At UAEM we recognize the importance of the participation of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds in the conference. Thus, we strive to ensure that there are few cost barriers to students who would like to attend. Our Student Voice Scholarship further help students, who might not otherwise be able to participate, cover the costs of attendance. This scholarship covers 100% of transportation expenses and student housing for students with exceptional financial circumstances. If you feel you have exceptional financial circumstances, please make sure to provide your details on the below form under 'Student Voice Scholarship'.

Travel funding requests will be considered on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible. However, applicants who have not attempted to secure at least partial funding from other sources before applying may be asked to consider other options first.

Because housing and most meals during the conference will already be provided, UAEM travel funding cannot be applied to lodging or food costs - only transportation.

UAEM will notify you by e-mail or phone if we are able to provide you with a travel grant. Please ensure that the contact information you provide is correct.

Please register here before completing this form. You can also apply for housing with UCLA student here

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