UAEM Co-hosted a Session on Global Access to Medicines for the 2022 Virtual Health Advocacy Summit

UAEM North America partnered with Generation Patient and co-hosted a session on Global Access to Medicines on October 1st for the 2022 Virtual Health Advocacy Summit featuring UAEM's own Anmol Gupta and Navya Desari. Listen to the recording of the session here: Global Access to Medicines - YouTube The session was part of the 2022 Virtual Health Advocacy Summit-- a free, international event for young adults with chronic conditions, hosted by Generation Patient. Generation Patient is a nonprofit created by and for young adult patients.

UAEM is in Teen Vogue!

Vaccine Nationalism: What Is It and How Is It Playing Out During COVID-19? | Teen Vogue Member of the UAEM team was recently featured Teen Vogue to inspire more young leaders to join our campaign at this critical moment in history. Check out the story educating and empowering Gen Z to fight against vaccine nationalism.  

ETAF : Defeating the Pandemic with the Tool of Sharing

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, research teams across the world are racing to find diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines to help eradicate the virus. The world is focussed on science, innovation and technology, hoping a solution can be found. However, the biggest threat facing our opportunity to escape the virus is not the discovery of a vaccine, but how accessible the vaccine will be.   Continue reading

Public Risk-Taking and Rewards during the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Case Study of Remdesivir in the Context of Global Health Equity

In this short communication, published in the International Journal of Health Policy and Management, Sarai Keestra and Sabrina Wimmer trace back the significant public contributions to a promising COVID-19 drug, remdesivir, but find that there is a limited return to the public in the form of equitable access and affordable pricing. In this process, they discuss various inequities in the current biomedical innovation system. Continue reading

OP-ED: Free the Vaccine, Free the People!

by Navya Dasari and Joyce Farley As activists, and in collaboration with others, we demand an end to the interconnected pandemics threatening Black lives, both the coronavirus and racism.   Continue reading

Medicine: Is public money funding private profit?

In his article to the Cambridge Globalist, Rory Garbutt from our chapter in Cambridge in the UK  asks how we can ensure that COVID-19 research, much of which is supported by public funding, can avoid the pitfalls of many other pharmaceuticals and be made widely available for all who need it. Continue reading