Whether you are a UAEM member, an interested student, an activist, a researcher, an academic, or a member of another organization or institution, UAEM has opportunities for you to learn about and get involved in our work.

UAEM North America is looking for an Executive Director

We are looking for an Executive Director for UAEM North America. Details of the job description and on how to apply are here. (Posted on November 1, 2022)



Complete this form and get updates about our campaigns, projects, and broader work as well as how you can get involved and support UAEM moving forward.



In order to make our supporting sources more easily accessible, UAEM also has a site called UAEM Evidence.

UAEM Evidence is an attempt to collect all the resources we use in a straightforward manner, to make it easy to find a needed reference as quickly as possible. “Pieces of Evidence” are concise points of argument that can be taken and used whenever needed, saving you the research.

This is a LIVE website that anyone can add to. Whenever you read a great article, and forward it to mailing lists, or your friends, or just bookmark it, you could also add it to UAEM Evidence. All the Evidence is grouped into categories and tagged by our moderators.



UAEM relies on the dedicated work of our many supporters and is always happy to welcome new members to our team. Full-time employees, Interns, and Volunteers each play a crucial role in our organization’s success. We accept student volunteers throughout the year and will consider applicants on a case-by-case basis. If interested, please complete the volunteer form