Has Moderna a change of heart with their pending COVID-19 vaccine?

After today's Free the Vaccine and allies protest outside Moderna’s headquarters, the company released a statement saying “…Americans will receive mRNA-1273 (the pending coronavirus vaccine) at no cost…” 

This wasn't always the case, in a NYTimes.com story published in July. Dr. Stephen Hoge, the president of Moderna, said, "We will not sell it [the COVID-19 vaccine] at cost."

In response to Moderna, UAEM Executive Director, Merith Basey gave a quote to Rall Call saying that “... we’ve already paid for [Moderna’s investigational vaccine] so ‘no cost’ is not really the case. You could say potentially that it will be free at the point of delivery, but we’re not even sure if that’s true yet. … What about administration? distribution?”. You can read the full article here.



Local media (FOX 25 News Boston and WBZ CBS 4 Boston) captured Free The Vaccine (FTV) and its allies march to Moderna's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts demanding they put life and public health over profit. They urged Moderna to commit all relevant intellectual property, clinical trial data, and make any other essential manufacturing steps available for generic production in order to end the pandemic as quickly and equitably as possible. 




This is just the beginning of FTV work aimed at universities, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies forcing them to remove or relax intellectual property rights which contribute to profiteering. 

The march also included a street theater performance demonstrating the significance and necessity in addressing these issues in ending the pandemic. 

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