Luciana M. N. Lopes

Executive Director 

Luciana Lopes has been involved with UAEM for four years and the ED for UAEM Brazil since July 2018. She is a pharmacist who, having worked on Pharmaceutical Assistance within the Brazilian National Health System (SUS), became passionate about Public Health. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health, a Specialization Degree in Health Care Networks Management and is currently a PhD student in Public Health. 





Andrea Dávila Gálvez

National Coordinator – Ecuador

Andrea is a 23 year-old medical student. Currently, she’s taking the last year of Medical School at Central University of Ecuador. She works in the pharmacology department as a Professor Assistant. The main reason she joined UAEM is to help her community by finding out which kind of medicine is not available to certain groups of people depending on their location, comorbidities and social status. She believes findings can be used by Public Institutions to improve distribution and access to those medicines. She also gives speeches on neglected tropical diseases and antibacterial resistance to improve awareness of people for prevention and disease control. Her main goal is to achieve fair public policies for her country. For this reason, she also leads a foundation for people with disabilities called “Creating Smiles”. Finally, but not the least. She likes being an activist, empowering people and creating equity and social justice.

Barbara Carvalho de Almeida

Project Leader – CC Member – Brazil

Barbara is a pharmacist, doing her masters in public health - epidemiology - at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). She joined UAEM  in 2019 and now she's taking part in the Global Campaign 2020 project.  As a vegetarian and a feminist, she believes in a better world and in doing everything we can to build it!

Gean Alves Araújo

Project Leader – CC Member – Brazil

Gean is a pharmacist who studied at Federal University of Minas Gerais (2013-2018). He’s currently working at the Belo Horizonte Health Department and also leading the Belo Horizonte Chapter of the Allied Universities for Essential Medicines (UAEM Brazil). He’s currently doing his Master in State, Government and Public Policies - FLACSO/BRASIL - and is a member of the Professional Assistance Commission of the Regional Pharmacy Council of Minas Gerais (CRFMG). Two years ago, Gean joined UAEM because he understands that all people must have access to quality health care, as a guarantee of citizenship. In 2020, he is leading a project to support the Brazilian Social Forum to Combat Infectious and Neglected Diseases.

Ivan Noal

National Coordinator – Argentina

Ivan was born in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, and studied sociology at the University of Buenos Aires. He is currently studying Law at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. For some years he has been working for the NGO Doctors without Borders in fundraising.  Since he was young, he has been an activist for human rights and different political and social causes.  He joined UAEM to transform reality and achieve better access to medicines for those most in need. He is part of the Córdoba UAEM Chapter.

Jhonathan Venegas

National Coordinator – Colombia

Jhonathan, 25 years old, is a Pharmaceutical Chemist from the National University of Colombia. He is a very passionate person who has learned and worked on pharmacovigilance, public health and access to medicines for three years. His experience in public institutions, researching groups and NGOs focused on access to medicines influenced him to start a UAEM Chapter in his university and promote advocacy in health. He is currently helping to strengthen UAEM in Colombia and seeks to start a Masters in Health Economics, Policy and Management in Europe, contributing, in the future, to improve the Colombian Health System. He is based in Bogotá, Colombia.

Magno Maciel Magalhães

Project Leader – CC Member – Brazil

Magno is a pharmacist (UFRJ) who holds a master’s degree in health surveillance (Fiocruz). He’s currently studying phytomedicine innovation, also at Fiocruz, and will apply soon to a PhD in translational research on drugs and medicines. He got to know UAEM ‘cause he’s friends with Beatriz Kaippert (from COMEX) for a long time and she told him all about the organization, making him realize that we can try to make medicines more accessible to the population. Despite never having troubles getting proper treatments, he knows that his reality is completely different from others, and his main goal at UAEM is trying to make this gap a bit smaller. Nowadays he’s Rio de Janeiro’s chapter leader, and also of one of UAEM Brazil’s national projects, about the role of universities in medicines’ access.

Patrícia do Nascimento Silva

Project Leader – CC Member – Brazil

Patrícia is a nurse graduated from the Federal University of Ceará. She is currently a Master's student in Public Health at the Federal University of Ceará / Postgraduate Program in Public Health. She works with neglected diseases, with an emphasis on leprosy. She is in charge of UAEM Brazil’s national project: Social Movements - lessons, perceptions, challenges, hopes. Her motivation to be part of UAEM is the opportunity to fight for a fair world, with more investments in research, where everyone has universal access to health.



A chapter is the basic unit of UAEM’s organization. It is a group of self-organized students and in some cases, young professionals, primarily based at an academic institution, often with faculty support. Latin American Chapters range in size, from more intimate groups of 2 or 3, to larger gatherings of around 30 or more students.

In Latin America, chapters organize on a local, national and international level, having virtual and physical meetings to collaborate on activities.   

UAEM Latin America has grown rapidly and it's currently present in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. Find your chapter! You don't have one at your university? Start one! 






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