It's Showtime: World, UAEM is ready for its close up

UAEM student advocacy is making its debut on the silver screen and in some major publications!

For the last couple of years, members of our UAEM community have been followed by a documentary team from Participant Media. UAEM UCLA chapter lead and North American Coordinating Committee member Neda Ashtari, along with former UAEM board member Gloria Tavera are the focus of a new documentary, "White Coat Rebels." As the stories unfold and intertwine there are cameos from many UAEMers and Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 participants as filming was happening as we saw the dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases in the USA and worldwide. 

The initial film screenings will occur at the AFI DOCS Non-Fiction Festival in Silver Spring, MD, from June 22-27. The documentary examines the pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of advocacy and those who are fighting against its power and influence. While we can't stream the film at this time, you can purchase a ticket to see it on the day of its release (on June 24th).

We are also in The Intercept's mini-documentary, and Vice and Teen Vogue feature think pieces.