FTV goes after Vanderbilt to sign the pledge

"In order to fight for equitable access and end the pandemic, universities like Vanderbilt need to share their coronavirus-related intellectual property, making it freely available for use. Without patents or license restrictions, no single company will have a monopoly over COVID-19 vaccines or therapeutics," writes Klara Lou, UAEM Vanderbilt student leader. Her resonant and compelling op/ed was published in the Vanderbilt Hustler, the school newspaper, to get Vanderbilt to sign the Open COVID Pledge. 



The op/ed analyzes Vanderbilt's reluctance to sign the pledge and their current practice, pharmaceutical profiting, and the Free The Vaccine campaign, which encourages universities doing coronavirus-related research using tax dollars to sign the Open COVID Pledge. It is requiring schools suspend or remove their intellectual property rights to stop the transmission of the coronavirus and find a sustainably priced, available to all, and free at the point of delivery vaccine. The story is one of a few measures to get Vanderbilt to sign, which also includes the Jolene vaccine challenge