European Coordinating Committee (ECC)


Adriane Wille

Adriane Wille is a third year medical student at Aarhus University, Denmark. She joined UAEM in the beginning of fall 2020, as the importance of the work the organization is doing really spoke to her. Since then she has been active especially in the managing of social media and events. By being part of the ECC Adriane hope to both learn more about how UAEM can help make a change in the medical industry and hopefully also be part of some of that change. When not studying or working with UAEM Adriane is working on some research projects at her university, she go running and go out with friends.

Jasmin Ronach

Jasmin is a Master’s student at Utrecht University, focusing on cancer biology. Growing up with a rare illness, she experienced first-hand how scientific and medical innovation can improve someone’s quality of life. Knowing millions of people worldwide are still precluded from the opportunities she was given due to inaccessibility of medicines, Jasmin became interested in the access to medicines movement. She first heard about UAEM at a youth activism conference in 2019, and later joined the Amsterdam chapter, working on several awareness initiatives. Jasmin now brings her experience to the European level, and hopes to increase public awareness of UAEM’s work and to make the organization more in tune with its chapters’ needs. In her freetime, she likes to take walks in nature, write short stories, and play videogames.

Maurice Remy 

Maurice is doing his master in Global Health at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He joined UAEM in 2019 during his bachelor studies in Rostock,Germany. Since, he was actively involved in informing students about the Acces to Medicines crisis, organising events and setting up an elective course on global health. In 2020 he joined the national coordination of UAEM Germany, where he co-coordinated the national campaign for accessible and affordable COVID-19 vaccines. By joining the ECC he wants to continue that work and to help more students across Europe to be able to change the lincensing policies of their universities. He's passionate about the idea of Universal Health Coverage and wants to contribute to a fair and equal distribution of medicine worldwide. In his free time he does a lot of sports like volleyball or running, likes to watch Netflix and going out with friends. 

Nathalie Schirra

Nathalie is a third year medical student at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin in Berlin. Global Health and access to medicine interested her even before her studies and in October 2020 she finally joined UAEM. Within the chapter she helped organise multiple demonstrations and held seminars for interested students. Especially because of the campaigns regarding the access to the COVID-19 vaccine she became curious about working on an international level, so she joined the ECC in the beginning of 2022. In her spare time she reads, sings in a choir or plays the piano to relax.

Mariam Mubarak-Gabrian

Mariam is a medical doctor who recently graduated from the University of Groningen Medical School. She has always been interested in international public health which is why she pursued a bachelor of medicine with the profile Global Health.  Even though she focused on clinical internships during the past few years, she stayed up to date with the UAEM health advocacy projects in The Netherlands. In December 2021, she decided to get involved by joining the ECC. In the future, she would like to continue advocating for health equity and go back to school for a Masters of Public Health. In her free time, you can probably find her travelling, in a pilates studio or cooking for her friends.

Andreas Wimmer

Andreas is a student at the Medical University of Graz (Austria) with a particular interest in public health and infectious disease medicine. After becoming aware of the wide disparities in access to medicines and the consequences for people all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was looking for ways to get involved in the fight for availability of essential medicines for everyone and to get more informed on the matter. This is how he discovered UAEM, and its goals and values really spoke to him, which is why he joined the Vienna chapter in 2021, and the ECC in 2022. By doing so, he wants to take an active role in driving UAEM’s work in Europe and hopes to contribute to a fairer distribution of health technologies. In his free time, Andreas likes to play piano, go for a run and spend time in nature.