Chapter Assistance Fund Application Form

UAEM has a modest chapter assistance fund available for North American chapters. Generally UAEM’s contribution may not exceed 75% of the total event budget. Events jointly organized by more than one chapter will be eligible for a greater total subsidy from UAEM.

Chapters are encouraged to submit a funding proposal at least 2-3 weeks prior to the event date, unless highly exceptional circumstances apply.

Funding for chapter activities will be approved by UAEM’s North American Coordinating Committee, and is subject to availability.

This North America chapter assistance fund is available to chapters in North America only. UAEM students organizing events in Europe should contact UAEM Europe ([email protected]) and Brazil ([email protected]).

UAEM students outside of the Americas, Brazil and Europe should contact UAEM North America ([email protected]).

If you haven't registered your chapter yet, please do so by clicking here before completing the application form. 

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