Starting Your Chapter

Starting a UAEM Chapter can be hard work! Start here to learn the basics of what you should do to build it up! 

The first place to start: Check out these slides on UAEM 101!

First of all, if you're wondering what UAEM really pushes for - check out this Ted Talk from UAEM alumnus, Mike Gretes, which gives a pretty good overview of our broad, global vision and how the medicine research system works. 

But to get started with your chapter, here are some key resources shared by UAEM North America's Coordinating Committee: 

  1. Our UAEM Chapter Handbook - which includes guides, example tools, and recommendations for how to get started with a new chapter. 
  2. Our UAEM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit - which can help you build an inclusive and equity-centered organization on your campus. 
  3. Chapter expectations and checklist (Coming Soon) - a list of todo items while setting up your chapter, and expectations for new chapters this academic year. 
  4. Read up on UAEM's big national and international campaigns: