UAEM North America 2020 Board Election

Welcome to the 2020 UAEM North America Board Elections! 

There are 3 candidates competing for elected positions in this year's UAEM North America Board election. The electorate is comprised of currently registered UAEM North America members. In order to be officially elected to the Board, a candidate must receive a “yes” vote from at least one-half of the voters, as required by the UAEM bylaws. For every candidate, you will be asked whether or not you support this individual’s election to the Board. It is very important that you consider the qualifications of each candidate and make an informed judgment when you cast your vote.  

IMPORTANT: The online voting page displays one question at a time. Once you go to the next question, you cannot go back to the previous page. You only have one opportunity to vote for each candidate. If you advance without voting, it will be marked as skipped/abstained.   

Should Andrew Goldman be elected to the UAEM North America Board?

Andrew is the General Counsel and Head of Policy at Roivant Social Ventures (RSV) and former Attorney at Medicines Patent Pool.