UAEM in BBC Newsnight Episode on The Race for a Vaccine for Corona

Unprecedented amounts of public funding are going into research for a COVID vaccine. The public deserves a return on their investment by making any COVID health technologies global public goods - free at the point of use and available to everyone who needs them. Check out BBC Newsnight's episode on Coronavirus: The Race for a Vaccine featuring our work on universities, public funding and open licensing around COVID-19 in the UK.

How are Today’s Youth Fighting the Pandemic?

UAEM student leaders Devika Shenoy and Sapna Ramappa second-year undergraduate students at UCLA published an op-ed on the Medium on how today's youth are fighting the pandemic.

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me!” We all heard about Brady Sluder, the 22 year-old infamous Spring Breaker responsible for a viral video that amassed over 40 million views. With critics including news anchors and public health officials, the careless image painted by Sluder and other Spring Breakers has been, and will continue to be, widely cited as evidence that youth are ignoring social distancing protocols. Nevertheless, our generation is taking unprecedented, often overlooked steps to combat the pandemic. Continue reading...

Commercial interests should not control vaccine development

UAEMers in Aarhus, Denmark recently wrote a piece on how the current system of drug development is driven by financial interests and not by a health perspective. They underlined that in relevance to COVID-19, if a vaccine does not become widely available, it will be a disaster for global health. Read more here (article in Danish).

The Public Is Funding the Hunt for a COVID-19 Vaccine. Big Pharma Shouldn’t Cash In

Inspired by our Free the Vaccine For Covid-19 “Advocacy Innovation Lab”, UAEM Student Leader, Louise Kyle published an op-ed in the Tyee on why governments need to ensure that vaccines or treatments are available to the people who need them, not just the people who can afford them.