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European Coordinating Committee (ECC)

Manuel Martin

Manuel Martin

Manuel is a London based, final year medical student currently serving his third term as European Coordinator. He is active in national and international policy arenas tackling access to medicines and alternative approaches to R&D. Currently he is focussing on technology transfer frameworks and UAEM’s global transparency campaign.

Juliana Veras

Juliana Veras

Juliana is a Brazilian lawyer doing her PhD in Paris in the field of sociology of health. Her research focuses on conflicts between patent rights and access to medicines, and on the challenges of local production of generic drugs in Brazil. She believes on citizens’ capacity to organize themselves and work together towards the creation of responses to implement and protect sustainable and universal health care systems. Her main interest is to work with the empowerment of local communities helping them to engage in the public debate, and craft equitable and collaborative R&D organizations, patients’ needs-driven business models anchored on the real economy, as well as public interest monitoring of patents and product development. Since the beginning of her law studies, she has been close to patients and civil society groups. In UAEM since 2013, she joined the ECC because she has a lot to learn and wants to take action for social change. She thinks UAEM is a fresh breeze in her life, a collective of inspiring and committed young people that truly cares about the future of humanity.

Rebecca Margolinsky

Rebecca is a 4th year Copenhagen based medical student who strongly believes that democratic development and access to healthcare is inseparable. Her previous involvement in campaigns about equality and political transparency lead her path right by UAEM already during the first month of uni, and the ground stones of a devoted relationship was put down. The past year Rebecca has been involved with advocacy work in the Danish parliament asking for a fair, transparent and more sustainable approach to publicly funded research. Besides advocating for access to medicines, Rebecca has just learned to manage a sailboat and spends many hours on the water looking at beautiful sunsets over Copenhagen.

Keith Asselborn

Keith was born in Luxembourg and is currently doing his 4th year medical studies in Vienna, where he became active with UAEM in 2015. Starting out locally with a lovely dedicated group, he quickly caught the international wind and is now on his 2nd term within the ECC fighting for access to medicines. In his free time, Keith learns Swedish and takes pleasure in running.

Sebastian Schönherr

Sebastian is a 4th year medical student based in Leipzig, Germany, now serving his second term as a member of the European Coordinating Committee. He became a part of UAEM in 2014 and has since then been involved in local activities such as establishing the Chapters in Münster and Leipzig. He increasingly took up national and international coordination tasks including the coordination of Access to Medicines Week and the launch of the Report Card in Germany. In his freetime Sebastian likes to bike, (hitch-) hike, travel, run and play the cello. He cares about society and the concepts of it. In addition he enjoys art, however, rather than the creation of it, increasingly the consumption.

Sabrina Wimmer

Sabrina is a 4th-year medical student at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and is serving her first term in the ECC. She joined UAEM in 2014 and has helped setting up and been a member of the Empowerment Committee (EmCom) for two years. Her interests are in health policy and health care financing, particularly transparency of R&D, pricing of medicines and equitable access to healthcare. Beyond UAEM, she tends to confuse people with where she is actually from (Germany) and in her free time enjoys learning languages, experimenting with vegan and vegetarian cooking and exploring nature.

Kavian Kulasabanathan

A proud Swedish-born Tamil, and a final year medical student at Imperial College London, Kavian is in his second year on the European Coordinating Committee. His particular interests lie in innovative financing mechanisms, licensing practices, and a rights-based approach to access to medicines. Beyond the A2M fight, his passions include anthropology, photography, learning new languages and, of course, the beautiful game.

Peter Grabitz

Peter is a final year med student at Charité Berlin. He comes from Halle an der Saale (the place where Georg Friedrich Händel was born), thinks table tennis players are respected sportsmen (because he is one himself) and loves to do Origami. He researches drug development and citation biases. Be aware: If you ask him about where to publish research, you may very well end up in an emotional discussion about access to knowledge!

Matt Roberts

Matt is a final year medical student at Southampton University in the UK, and has been active in UAEM since 2014. After setting up and leading local chapters in Southampton and Bristol he was inspired by other European coordinators to apply to the ECC. Within the access to medicines fight, he is particularly interested in licensing, supporting local chapters, and pushing for a new R&D system based on justice and solidarity. Beyond access to medicines, he is particularly interested in mental health, and the fight to highlight and confront its global structural, social, and political determinants. When not talking politics he enjoys whitewater kayaking, sailing, caving, and other sports which also, unfortunately, generally involve being cold and wet.

European Empowerment Committee (EmCom)

Solveig Brochmann

Solveig Brochmann

Solveig is a third year medical student at the University of Oslo. She has been a part of UAEM since 2015 and is now in her second year in EmCom, and is the national coordinator for Norway.

She is a part of EmCom because she wants to help people gain the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to become advocates for change. She is inspired by seeing the impact we can have as a student organisation and by working with all the amazing people in UAEM. Apart from studies and UAEM her interests include playing and listening to music, reading and snowboarding.

Per Mikkelsen

Per Mikkelsen

5th year medical student at Aarhus University, Denmark. Outside of socioeconomic equality and access to medicines also very interested animal rights and environmental activism. Joined UAEM in autumn 2015 and been loving the work ever since. Likes short Bios!

Magali Heijkoop

Magali Heijkoop

Magali is a third year pharmacy student at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She joined UAEM in the beginning of 2016 because she believes in making the world a better place one step at a time, and thinks UAEM is the perfect way to do so. She was inspired to join the EmCom after attending the 2017 European Conference in Aarhus. She is also very passionate about feminism, reading and cooking for her friends and family.

Lilas Mercuriali

Lilas Mercuriali

Lilas Mercuriali is French-Moroccan Barcelonan who wants to do her part in the fight against social inequalities. She has been part of UAEM for the past two years and recently joined the Empowerment Committee as a representative for Spain, from where she is helping European UAEMers to bring out their full potential. She’s a certified peer educator and trainer and loves blueberries, learning new things and organising courses on health-related topics.

Sami Mahmoud

Sami is a fourth-year medical student at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. Since getting involved with UAEM in 2016 he has been trying to raise awareness on Global Health issues not only at his university but also at others. Besides his continued work on a local and national level, he became a member of the European Empowerment Committee in 2017 as he is dedicated to training and connecting members from chapters all around Europe.

In his free time he enjoys discovering new things, whether by traveling, trying different sports or by creating new recipes when cooking.

Audrey Geoffroy

Audrey is a 3rd year medical student originally from Bordeaux, France but currently based in Brussels. The 18 year-old student joined UAEM Bordeaux in october 2016 and got actively involved from the European Conference in Aarhus, Denmark. As a new member of the EmCom and as an Erasmus student her main goal is to set up a chapter in Brussels and to empower other existing chapters. Some of her other interests include politics, astronomy, theater, listening to people’s stories, learning languages, meditating, and good food.

Adrienne Lee

Adrienne is a 5th year medical student at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. She joined UAEM in 2017 because she see’s the effect of patents on medicines affecting the care of patients first hand in different parts of the world. UAEM is a great platform to stand up for the social injustice. She joined EmCom because she firmly believes that education and training is the foundation of making change. On the side, she loves playing basketball, travelling and trying to cuisines.

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