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UAEM4UAEM is uniquely positioned and committed to advocating for the integrity of universities’ public-service mandates and the prioritization of global public health benefits in academic medical research. We work to promote open-source, accessible and affordable innovation mechanisms at every stage of the university medical R&D process, including at the traditional pressure point of licensing.

While the core focus of work takes place at universities, students take part in and promote an ethical R&D system and maximize their potential to address the political economy of global health. In light of this, we will strive to further increase our voice and impact by simultaneously consolidating our specific niche and reaching out to foster broader strategic partnerships which advance the field of access and innovation.

We have three main pillars for our work: Access, Innovation and Empowerment.

Access Initiative:  Medicines and health technologies, particularly those developed at universities or with public funding, are made accessible and affordable to people in resource-limited settings through open access and open source IP mechanisms – reflecting public health benefit and equity as the primary aims of academic and public medical research.

Innovation Initiative: Dramatically increase publicly funded biomedical R&D for the global health needs of neglected populations, especially through the use of sustainable funding mechanisms, and innovative open-knowledge approaches to research.

Empowerment Initiative: UAEM students are empowered to stand at the vanguard of leadership in global health access and innovation, making substantial change at academic institutions and pursuing vocations and careers that advance health for all.

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