Clinical Trials Transparency

UAEM in conjunction with TranspariMed released the results of the top 40 U.S. research universities in relation to their clinical trials transparency. See the worst offenders and best performers.

About Clinical Trials Transparency

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) and TranspariMED have co-authored a report examining how compliant US university-conducted clinical trials are with transparency laws. Using the United States’ 40 most active research universities as a sample, both organizations have established that universities — the pioneers in research, medical innovations, education and public service — are poorly performing in terms of reporting trial results and overall transparency.

Using publicly available data on university clinical trial compliance and results postings, this webpage highlights where we are today regarding clinical trial transparency and how much further we have to go. UAEM is working towards holding universities accountable.

This student-led project is part of UAEM’s broader strategy around pushing for an alternative and transparent biomedical research and development (R&D) system. UAEM students are organizing on their campuses to urge their universities to go further by signing onto the WHO Statement on clinical trials transparency. Email us to join the campaign.

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Media Coverage

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